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My debut novel Ward, a dark urban fantasy, is now available on Amazon Kindle.


Book Trailer (under old title)


Ward - Synopsis

Across the Earth a group of magically powered protectors called Wards defend our world from dark creatures they call the umbra, without reward or recognition.

Stacey Trampler’s world comes crashing with the hidden world of the Wards when she finds a mysterious man sitting on the hood of her car, who tells her that she is being targeted by this dark, alien force because she’s “sensitive”.

Stacey is many things — a kindergarten teacher, daughter, girlfriend to her two housemates, singer in an all girl thrash metal band and wannabe roller derby queen — but “sensitive” isn’t one of them.

But she finds herself fighting for her life from those very same creatures when they attack her in her Melbourne flat, have taken her lovers and killed her friends. She is forced to trust and work with that same man, Fenton Wendell, who sounds like he should be a British banker but looks like a beach bum vagrant. A man who is a secretive recluse in self-exile, living on a countryside farm, only leaving to hunt umbra.

With no other option to save her boyfriend and girlfriend, Stacey agrees to become his apprentice and join the fight against the umbra, who it seems have now evolved from being dangerous vermin, and closer to a far more dangerous predatory creature — man.

In order to save her lovers and stay alive, Stacey, with the guidance of her reluctant teacher Fenton, must learn the ways of the Wards, gain their powers, travel to another world — perhaps another universe — and uncover dangerous betrayals, forge new alliances, and keep out of the clutches of the umbra leader she has dubbed the Shadow Man.

Why does the Shadow Man want Stacey? What is he doing to her boyfriend and girlfriend? And what is Fenton hiding?

Find out by reading the fast paced adventure, Ward.


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