The Ward Series

The Ward Series is a dark urban fantasy, fusing rich and cinematic world building and modern magic with Lovecraftian-ish horrors.

When the shapeshifting Umbra evolve, Earth’s fate lies in the hands of a misfit…

Stacey Trampler lives life on the edge. A kindergarten teacher by day, she spends her nights rocking out with her all-girl thrash metal band and dreams of kicking arse on the roller derby circuit. But her wild life gets a lot more complicated when her lovers go missing and she finds a man who looks like a beach bum with strange abilities in their Melbourne flat … and the Umbra with him.

Barely escaping death with the help of Fenton — the beach bum who calls himself a Ward, armed only with magic tattoos — Stacey vows to find her missing boyfriend and girlfriend. Despite impossible odds, Stacey joins the secretive Wards in their battle against the dark creatures they call the Umbra.

But the Umbra are changing. And Earth’s only hope of survival may be a heroine who’s built her life around breaking all the rules…

Ward of the South is the first action-packed novel in the Ward Series, fusing dark urban fantasy with supernatural thrillers.

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