The Ward Series

The Ward Series is a dark urban fantasy, fusing rich and cinematic world building and modern magic with Lovecraftian-ish horrors.



When Stacey came home to her Melbourne flat to find her boyfriend and girlfriend missing, a dude who looked like a beach bum and inky shape-shifting creatures in their place, she knew things were about to get seriously effed up.

She had no idea just how much.

All she wanted to do was lead a normal, quiet life as a kindergarten teacher… at least until her all-girl thrash metal band Pussy Whipped Cream took off, letting off steam at night as a roller-derby queen.

But the monsters busted up her guitar… the Shadow Man took her boyfriend Paul, and girlfriend Jasper… and Stacey joined the Wards in their secret fight against the Umbra, who were supposed to be nothing more than vermin.

Killer goo monsters that can take any shape and like to munch on people… alien races… magic tattoos…

Stacey’s in the thick of it all and she’s somehow holding her own.

Not too bad for a fat girl with a foul mouth from Melbourne. If she can keep it together long enough, maybe she can even have a semi-normal life… some day.

Ward of the South is the first action-packed novel in the Ward Series, fusing dark urban fantasy with supernatural thrillers.

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