The Enlightened

Cover for the novel "The Enlightened" by Cem Bilici
Melbourne, Australia – 1996

When private investigator James O’Donnell is hired to find a missing person, he thinks it’s just another job to pay the rent. But when he finds out his missing person Nathan Mortimer escaped from a secure psychiatric facility, O’Donnell begins to understand this is more than his average case.

It’s not until O’Donnell is sucked into a world of murders, the supernatural and reincarnation cults that he truly begins to realise how out of his depth he is.

Just who is Nathan Mortimer, and his followers the Enlightened? And how is O’Donnell’s mysterious client Cassie Lawler connected to them? Who are the deadly tenants of Gateway House in the Dandenong Mountains and their leader Gunther Franklin, and why are they also searching for Nathan? And how is the psychotic, unnaturally strong old woman known only as the Crone connected to them all, and what is her place at the centre of all the death and destruction?

If O’Donnell can survive long enough while holding on to his sanity, he might succeed in finding Nathan, who is the key to unlocking these mysteries and many more answers.

The answers to The Enlightened.

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