Cem Bilici – Author of Supernatural Thrillers and Fantasy Adventures

Cem Bilici Welcomes You to His Lair

Welcome to the digital lair of author Cem Bilici.

Here you will find information on the author along with links and news for his works, as well as the occasional promotion.


The Ward series

A contemporary action-packed supernatural thriller, featuring a modern protagonist facing Lovecraftian(‘ish) monsters and the secret order of protectors that have been fighting them for centuries – the Wards.

The Enlightened

A supernatural thriller/mystery set in 90’s Melbourne dealing with reincarnation cults, a murderous old woman, an artist commune in the Dandenong Mountains, and the PI who’s entangled in the middle of it all.

The Mechanical Turk

An Ottoman steampunk alternate history adventure that poses the question: What if the Ottoman Empire never declined, and instead found ancient secrets that gave them powerful steam technology.


Cem Bilici (pronounced Jem Bi-li-ji) was born in the city of Adelaide in South Australia in 1977 and is of Turkish descent. He spent a number of his childhood years living in the rural town of Renmark in the same state, much of it on his grandparents’ fruit farm. He attributes the birth of his obsession with horror and the supernatural to the outdoor toilet there and years of watching Doctor Who.

Cem currently resides in Melbourne, Australia with 3 humans (2 of them children), 1 dog – Bucky the beaglier (the humans wouldn’t let Cem name him Lucifer) and 0 cats (that will NEVER change … probably).