New Beginnings

I don’t do much blogging. Never have, probably never will. That’s not why the blog on my website is so sparse though. Basically, I restarted everything from scratch again. New website, new coat of paint, new me. Well, okay, not a new me. Same old me, but I have updated my author photo. BUT … soon there WILL be new novels!

Yes, folks! You heard that right! New novels incoming!

Who am I talking to? I don’t know! No one comes and reads this! But, just in case someone does come along, here it is for posterity.

You see, I’ve not been resting on my laurels. I don’t even have any laurels. I’m not even sure what a laurel you would rest on is. I assume it’s basically gaining some achievements (hence laurels, like you see on move/prize winner humble-brags — and a quick Google shows I’m right!) and lollygagging. Well I don’t have any laurels. And I certainly haven’t been dragging my arse. I have been working!

Mostly, the 9 to 5.

Until recently.

Yes, it is the year of our overlord, 2020 — the year of Covid-19. And I, like many people, have now lost my job. Not as a direct result of the pandemic, mind you. More to do with years of revenue loss within the company, or so I was told. But I’ve been in the corporate enterprise IT world for the last five years, and the past five years before that in another department mainly dealing with consumer IT customers, both roles the same large international company (well mostly the same company) with the same initials as a famous boy wizard.

In the meantime, while I had worked, I had also WORKED. I’ve been writing away on novels, short stories, even screenplays!

Yes, it was a kick in the teeth to get told “Sorry, Cem, we no longer need your services!” out of the blue. Even more so when it coincided with the pandemic. Thankfully, my plan to publish several novels at once wasn’t too far off anyway, though I did have to pull it forward several months, and boy that salary sure would have helped!

But sometimes life gives you the boot in the arse you need (along with a steel cap to the kisser), and that’s how I’ve been taking this. As of writing this, it’s only been a week-and-a-half since I handed in my security badge and work laptop, and my editor and cover designer (Yes! I finally hired a cover designer!) are hard at work and some yummy goodness is mere weeks away! Okay, maybe like two months. It takes time to go through all that and set up ads and all that jazz, after all!

All I can say is, hold onto your hats, because boy, that light at the end of the tunnel might just be a freight train of awesomeness!