Ward, the debut dark urban fantasy novel by Cem Bilici.


Coming home to find her boyfriend and girlfriend missing and a strange man in their living room, Stacey Trampler is attacked by shape changing creatures. Escaping with the aid of that man, Stacey finds herself at the centre of a hidden order of powerful men and women, the Wards.

The Wards use their power to protect humanity from the shadows, destroying those creatures, the Umbra, wherever they can.

But now, something has changed. The Umbra have changed.

Led by a humanoid Umbra that Stacey names the Shadow Man, the Wards are on the defensive from creatures who they once considered wild animals.

Amid the chaos, somehow Stacey has to keep herself alive and find her lovers. To do so she has no choice but to join the Wards and apprentice to the stranger who saved her. But what is he hiding, and what do the Shadow Man and the Umbra want with her?

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