The Bladelands – Episode 3

The solid, powerful haunches of the beast carrying Duncan’s captor clenched and relaxed as its legs kicked. The creature, a transformed monstrosity, had once been a horse. It had no fur or skin, and the almost black bare muscles of flesh that had been expanded glistened. If it hadn’t been moving, it could have been mistaken […]

The Bladelands – Episode 2

The Fall, as the survivors called it, had come abruptly, though many claimed they had seen the signs of humanity’s collapse long before. Evil’s hand could be seen everywhere leading up to the event, they said, spreading corruption to pave the way. Preachers, Rabbis, Imams, Swamis, cult leaders–all said they’d seen the rot well in […]

The Bladelands – Episode 1

He’d learned to pick himself up over time. His feet no longer scraped through dust and dirt, no longer tangled in low lying scrub that would have in the past hindered him. And so too he would learn to pick himself up emotionally. One day, he told himself time and time again, he would learn. […]