Ward of the South – Book Trailer and Inkshares

Tale of a Book Trailer

On September first – American something or other time – a new competition will be launched on novel crowdfunding site Inkshares. This new competition focuses on horror, so I decided to toss my hat in the ring with Ward of the South and made a book trailer.

Book trailers are funny beasts – and not in a that-funny-hobgoblin-in-your-granny’s-spooky-outhouse way. That shit just scars you for life.

I’ve wanted to do a book trailer for a while now, and was just waiting for the right chance to do so. Given the Inkshares competition, I thought now would be a good time so I fired up Blender (no, not a Blendtech). Then ditched Blender and downloaded the trial for Adobe After Effects.

Before we get to the video though (yeah I’m totally going to make you wait till after the commercials!)…

The Competition

… is associated with Crypt TV, and the focus seems to be on supporting horror books and potentially picking something up for film or television. I’ve often imagined Ward of the South as both. I’m sure most writers must. Sitting and idly picking the cast list for your creation can be as frustrating and satisfying as the writing, our not having any choice in the matter in real life notwithstanding. But if I could, I would totally get Daniel Craig, Marina Sirtis, Kimiko Glenn, and Aussie model and blogger Teer Wayde for my main character, Stacey, because she is the SPITTING IMAGE of what I had in my head.

Yeah. I may have thought about this a few times.

Anywho. I wasn’t sure who Crypt TV were, so I went a-Googling and found their interesting site. From said site, they describe themselves as follows:

CryptTV creates original genre content guided by its motto #WeirdIsGood. Together we create and share the dark, edgy and different stories that bind us.

To be honest, after watching some of the stuff on there I don’t think WotS is weird enough. Well most of it. But there’s no harm in trying, right? If nothing else I might get some exposure for WotS.


Without Further Ado…

Well maybe a little ado.

Check out the sample chapters for Ward of the South on Inkshares.

If you like it, please share.

If you love it please share and support on Inkshares so it can be published and you will get a copy of the eBook, or paperback AND ebook, along with drafts and other swag.

I may even send you a random dick pic. Could be Dick Tracy, Dick Van Dyke, Dick York or Sargent, Spotted Dick… I’ll totally surprise you!


The Trailer


DISCLAIMER: Spotted Dick is not a person so I have no idea why this was made into a proper noun. Other than it’s kinda funny.

Dream Journal 1: Crazy Girl

Dream Journal 1: Crazy Girl

So I decided to keep a dream journal, because I have been having these really vivid dreams of late. That’s nothing unusual for me, they come and go, though lately I have been having quite a few. Almost on a daily basis.

Dreams can be amazing inspiration, especially when you write horror and have, what most “normal” people would consider, fucked up visions. I’ve certainly used them before to write stories.

Some of the most interesting dreams I have ever had have been lucid dreams. Like this one time, I was surrounded by zombies, realised it was a dream, and suddenly willed a katana in my hand and mad anime/kung-fu movie style sword prowess and semi-flight to go with it. So yeah, advantage me.

But I kind of consider them cheating because you’re like Neo in the Matrix to a degree. Especially when it comes to actually exploring your inner thoughts and psyche and when it comes to story, narrative and character ideas. Of course, given the type of dream this can be rather advantageous. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

But let’s leave the number of times I’ve summoned the TARDIS to one side for the moment… Uhh, yeah, what did you think I was talking about?

You have to also be careful of course. Pop culture and literary creep in can be unavoidable, so taking a dream verbatim without any analysis and vomiting into your word processor of choice would be akin to sticking your fingers in your throat and hurling into your NutriBullet and giving it a whiz. Sure, it will look kinda cool as it’s all rushing past, but when you’re done and you pour/pore it’s still gonna be fetid puke. Yes, even if you drop a stick of celery in it. In fact, that just makes it all the more disgusting. You should be ashamed. But moving on.

So, with To the Bone, the aforementioned linked story, I changed a lot. When I’d actually had the dream I was a kid, and I was also in the dream as a kid. I woke up with measles or something, but it was a hell of a cool dream. I’ve always been fascinated by dreams and rarely find them frightening. So when I had this particular dream the other night I decided, OK, I gotta start writing this shit down. Then I thought, hell, why not share it? People can only think you’re so messed up. Right?

So basically, I will write the dreams down as they come to me, so first person or third depending on how it plays out. Some dreams I will shift from one POV to another, other times even different people, but I’ll blow up those bridges when I come to them. I always dream in colour, so, you’re welcome, you don’t have to read in black and white. And I do not, nor never have, owned the car featured in the dream. Nor do I keep my car in a similar state as in the dream.

The title of this one is Crazy Girl, and you’ll see why.

I can’t think of anything else to say to preface this one but, enjoy, and if you psychoanalyse me, drop me a line as long as I’m not paying.


Cem Bilici

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Writing – Get in the Ring Motherfu$@er

In writing, story is my one ring to rule them all

And what better way to discuss writing than to quote Guns n Roses? Right? So,“Get in the ring motherfucker!”

Get in the Ring was, according to Wikipedia, directed at music critics who had things to say about the Gunners’ antics on stage. So I think it’s quite apt to use in the context of writing.

As writers, we are our first and often worst critics, and we constantly question and criticise our own “antics” on — and often off — the page. This, our inner critic, can be a huge hindrance. At least, it certainly can be for me, and I am in no way unique. 

OK. I lied, I am unique. I’m a beautiful fucking snowflake! But that’s not the point.

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Self-Publishing Pooh-Pooh

Self-Publishing Pooh-Pooh

Self-publishing is not for everyone. It’s like doing anything yourself. Do you want to take the time and effort to do something yourself, or have someone else do it for you. Of course, it’s more involved than that with self-publishing, because you’re not just building something for yourself, you’re building something — something that is an inherent piece of you — for multiple people, an audience.

There are proponents and detractors aplenty in both camps of traditional VS self-publishing, and a plethora of articles and opinion pieces and new ones popping up every day. And I have always told myself that I will not be drawn into those, that I will read, absorb and learn from the best portions of both. But when I read the particular one that got me to write this post… Well, it just got to my fucking goat!

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www.cembilici.com is LIVE


www.cembilici.com is live! It’s LIVE!

OK, Technically it has been live for a little while now, but I have been trying to decide on whether I should transition fully from the deBACLE Publishing website or not. Did I want to move the blog here? The podcasts? Did I want to keep this as simply a marketing site for me and my writing as it comes out? The answer came when I sat down and asked myself, Why am I doing this website in the first place?

The answer was simple. My name apparently sucks!

OK, it’s a little but more involved than that.

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