Cem Bilici Welcomes You to His Lair

Cem Bilici writes in multiple genres including horror, dark fantasy, steampunk, urban fantasy and more.

Welcome to his digital lair on the internet. Here you will find information on the author along with links and news for his works, as well as the occasional promotion.

Cem is currently seeking publication for his first novel, Ward of the South, a contemporary horror/dark fantasy that features Lovecraftian monsters with a modern protagonist, setting and fast paced adventure.

He is also finishing his steampunk adventure novel, The Mechanical Turk, an Ottoman inspired alternate history, while working on his third novel, Gavin the Vampire, a geeky comedy that subverts the usual tropes.

Cem Bilici also has a number of horror short stories and flash fiction available.


Cem (pronounced ˈdʒem) was born in the city of Adelaide in South Australia in 1977 and is of Turkish descent. He spent a number of his childhood years living in the rural town of Renmark in the same state, much of it on his grandparents fruit farm. He attributes the birth of his horror obsession to the outdoor toilet there.

After moving to the city of Melbourne with his parents in the 80’s, he finished high school in ’95 in the same city. He then spent several years studying and working on and off before moving to the Western Australian city of Perth. There he lived for some years before returning to Melbourne, where he currently resides.

Cem had always had aspirations of working in a creative field. He’d dream of working in video game design, animation or graphic design. Like many others, he finally decided to do something with a lifelong hobby of storytelling. This hobby started in his formative years living in the country, having not much to do but ride his bike and chase chickens.

Thus began his journey in 2013 and he has no intention of stopping or looking back.

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