EDIT: The ARC has now been taken down as of the 4th of February for the launch of the novel.

So… it’s been a while. How’s things with you? Me? Been better but you don’t want to hear about that!

Things have been humming along and changes have been taking place. Ward is now at — dare I say it — version 2.0! And the second book in the series, Hunter, is finished and ready for beta readers. If you’re feeling the need, come join my closed FaceBook group and we’ll discuss terms of surrender how you can assist in the awesomeness!

The second edition of Ward is due out on Amazon February 14 2018. Yes! Valentines day! So spread the love!

You can download an Advanced Review Copy at this link now! And when the time comes, please jump all over Amazon and leave a review.

Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top!

When shapeshifters invade, Earth’s fate lies in the hands of a misfit…

Stacey Trampler lives life on the edge. While she’s a preschool teacher by day, she spends her nights rocking out with her thrash metal band and kicking butt on the roller derby circuit. But her wild life gets a lot more complicated when her lovers go missing and a shapeshifting stranger shows up in her apartment…

Barely escaping death with the help of Fenton, a tattooed magic wielder, she vows to find her boyfriend and girlfriend. Despite impossible odds, Stacey trains in the art of magic to fight back against the shapeshifters. Earth’s only hope of survival may be a heroine who’s built her life around breaking all the rules…

Ward is the first action-packed book in a series of dark urban fantasy novels. If you like alien invasions, eccentric characters, and gritty backdrops, then you’ll love C. Bilici’s cinematic tale.

Download Ward to join the no-holds-barred battle for Earth today!

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