www.cembilici.com is live! It’s LIVE!

OK, Technically it has been live for a little while now, but I have been trying to decide on whether I should transition fully from the deBACLE Publishing website or not. Did I want to move the blog here? The podcasts? Did I want to keep this as simply a marketing site for me and my writing as it comes out? The answer came when I sat down and asked myself, Why am I doing this website in the first place?

The answer was simple. My name apparently sucks!

OK, it’s a little but more involved than that.

In Australia, the name Cem Bilici is not what you would call common. Probably in many many other parts of the world also. Unfortunately that is not the case in the country of my name’s origin, Turkey.

I used to write under the pseudonym Jim Knowes, which when Googled brought up nary a response. But was I satisfied with that? NOOOO. I had to go and decide that I did all the work and I wanted all the credit. But now when I google my name, all these other weirdos appear. And there’s only room at the top of the search window for one weirdo, baby! And that weirdo is me!

So in an attempt to obliterate the competition, and because a website with your full name seems to be de rigueur, here I am.

It also apparently has benefits to something called SEO, and it took me a while to work out these were not in fact delicious, wafery crackers. Because I was excited at the prospect of letting some go stale and throw them like shuriken at the other fuckers out there with my name. Plus, those things are hard to gnaw into a respectable star shape and taste terrible when stale.

And thus here we are at www.cembilici.com

Things have improved on the Google front since opening this website, but the battle continues. I will move the blog here, still not sure about the rest. We shall see.

Next, to get myself into the Turkish tabloids somehow. That should get rid of the competition for a while! Maybe I’ll get a role on a Turkish soap and get embroiled in a scandal with a Segway, an avocado and some co-stars.

Something to think about anyway.


Cem Bilici


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