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Writing – Get in the Ring Motherfu$@er

In writing, story is my one ring to rule them all

And what better way to discuss writing than to quote Guns n Roses? Right? So,“Get in the ring motherfucker!”

Get in the Ring was, according to Wikipedia, directed at music critics who had things to say about the Gunners’ antics on stage. So I think it's quite apt to use in the context of writing.

As writers, we are our first and often worst critics, and we constantly question and criticise our own “antics” on -- and often off -- the page. This, our inner critic, can be a huge hindrance. At least, it certainly can be for me, and I am in no way unique. 

OK. I lied, I am unique. I'm a beautiful fucking snowflake! But that's not the point.

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Self-Publishing Pooh-Pooh

Self-Publishing Pooh-Pooh

Self-publishing is not for everyone. It's like doing anything yourself. Do you want to take the time and effort to do something yourself, or have someone else do it for you. Of course, it's more involved than that with self-publishing, because you're not just building something for yourself, you're building something -- something that is an inherent piece of you -- for multiple people, an audience.

There are proponents and detractors aplenty in both camps of traditional VS self-publishing, and a plethora of articles and opinion pieces and new ones popping up every day. And I have always told myself that I will not be drawn into those, that I will read, absorb and learn from the best portions of both. But when I read the particular one that got me to write this post... Well, it just got to my fucking goat!

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www.cembilici.com is LIVE


www.cembilici.com is live! It's LIVE!

OK, Technically it has been live for a little while now, but I have been trying to decide on whether I should transition fully from the deBACLE Publishing website or not. Did I want to move the blog here? The podcasts? Did I want to keep this as simply a marketing site for me and my writing as it comes out? The answer came when I sat down and asked myself, Why am I doing this website in the first place?

The answer was simple. My name apparently sucks!

OK, it's a little but more involved than that.

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